Hello everyone!

We hope that you had an amazing 2017 and that you were able to bring in 2018 focused, reset and with the people who will help to propel you forward…

Throughout our years we have realized that it's all about who you surround yourself with. And sometimes in the season, you’re in, it may just be your spouse and kids. That has been us for quite some time. One, we haven’t really met or connected with anyone that is like us….

(Left: Bryant and Kummbareh vending at the 2017 Detroit Natural Hair Expo; Right: Kummbareh and good friend Alena at the EverButter Hair Schooling Detroit event.)

And 2, we have 3 kids and trying to find a babysitter so you can be social can be expensive, so we mainly are at home together, and we build each other up in our own ways and have our mastermind sessions with just the 2 of us….

If this is you, don’t feel bad. I take this season in our lives as isolation in order to know ourselves better. You can’t be always surrounded by people because you will never get a chance to hear from yourself. So during this time, we got a chance to truly know who we are as a company and as individuals. So now when the time comes for us to be more social, we can offer more to our group, because we know exactly who we are and where we want to go…

(Left: The new EverButter HQ located in Detroit, MI; Right: Bryant, Kummbareh, and family posing at the closing of our new building.)

If we haven’t learned anything in these 4 years of business, it is that you must be intentional in everything you do. You may miss the mark on things, some things may not go as planned and some things were just a complete fail. But in all of this, it made you better, smarter and stronger. Take everything as it comes. Don’t ever accept defeat, just don’t ever dwell on what transpired, accept it and continue to move as planned. Your end goal is the same, maybe the way you get there may change.

Let’s get down to business. We want to take this time to tell you how 2017 went and what we are planning for 2018….

2017 was hard and amazing at the same time. We had a lot of doubts and fears. We didn’t know if we had it to continue on. We stand by our products, our mission and our love for what we do but sometimes when you have a drought and no one is buying for nearly a month, it can get you down. That was our beginning of 2017. It was very slow, but it eventually picked up and as always you all helped brighten our days by sending kind words and words of encouragement.  You all may not have known you were helping us but you were….

As you all know we bought a building to expand. This was not in our immediate plans but we came across a great deal and couldn't pass it up….

While we were in the process of buying the building we got the opportunity to be a part of Tech Town’s Retail Bootcamp. It was an 8-week class that taught first-time business owners how to be a successful retail store….


(Left: Bryant posing in front of a beautiful scenic wall mural in EverButter HQ; Middle: Mural of Conlin Kaepernick in EverButter HQ; Right: Mural of beautiful black women with natural hair in EverButter HQ.)

Although we are not going into being a full-time store, we learned a lot from this class and met some great people…

The exciting news is that both my husband and I published books this year; his, The Money Machine Building Club, and mine, Your Best Hair Day Ever! They have been selling pretty well and we are very proud of that. We set out to do it in 2016 and made it happen for 2017.

Some of you all may know if you follow us on Social Media. Bryant the Co-Owner of EverButter, my hubby resigned from his job in September. This was a huge decision for us. A lot went on in 2017, a lot of moving pieces and to be honest we didn't have time to process the extremity of this decision. But we would not have done this if we didn't believe in our mission and goal….

(Left: Bryant slapping fives with son Carter; Right: Bryant and Kummbareh being silly at the Detroit Natural Hair Expo 2017.)

I had already quit or was fired from my job shortly after we started EverButter and now that neither of us has a steady income it could be scary, especially with 3 children. The major sacrifice that we are dealing with but you will never reach pass ordinary if you never take extraordinary risk….

We were also a vendor at the Detroit Natural Hair Expo in which we absolutely enjoyed. As always our customers showed us big love and that day we nearly sold out of everything…


(top left: Bryant at Ask Live Marketing Conference in Las Vegas; Bottom left: Kummbareh teaching a Hair Schooling Class in Youngstown, OH; Right: Kummbareh posing with two customers that just purchased her book.)


We successfully put on 2 Hairschooling classes. One here in Detroit, and one in Youngstown, Ohio where we partnered with Carmella, owner of Carmella Marie Natural hair company. We had a blast doing them. Met a lot of nice people.

During this year we also maintained our partnership with a beauty supply store in Angola, Africa. This year it may not happen because the bigger brands offer lower prices than us, and the store cannot afford our products. Unfortunately, our prices are higher for a reason and we cannot compete and bring our prices down. We will see what happens with that partnership but we are thankful that we were able to do business with them.

Towards the end of this year, we secured a relationship with Popcorn Beauty. A beauty supply store in New York. If you are in New York please look for our products there…

What are our plans for 2018?

We want to continue on our course in helping 1 million women achieve their best hair day ever! This best hair day includes being mentally, physically and spiritually whole. Our purpose and mission is not just to sell hair products. Our company is about health. We feel like it is our duty to provide the best products that have nature's candy in them, not chemicals. We strive to make sure your family is aware of the dangers that lurk in our products and food. We can’t sell you something that we wouldn't use. And that is why we take making natural products serious. Natural products should not be a trend but really a state of health, mental and physical….

With this being said we are making changes to our products to improve them and making new products. We have already been tweaking our products. We are taking certain things out because it did not reach our standard. So if your product that you purchase from us don’t smell the same or you don't see some ingredient on there that you saw before, don't be alarmed. That is just us making improvements….

We will also be coming out with a new line. This collection of products will not be as intense as our other lines. Meaning that it will not be so many products. But this line is intended to bring optimal moisture, strength, and health to the hair and scalp. We have been working on this line for some time, and we are putting the finishing touches on them…

I am going to give you a brief overview of everything else we want to achieve this year so this will not be super long. In addition to what I just mentioned we will also be doing the following...

  1. Publish 3- 4 more books. Please be on the lookout for more.
  2. Offering webinar classes and in person classes at our new place, starting this January.
  3. Hire 3-5 people. We need help and we will be hiring.
  4. Touching a million lives this year by bringing good products, and tons of information.
  5. Helping 1 million women in pursuing their natural hair goals.
  6. Continuing being a brand that you can trust.
  7. Building our community by offering business classes, kids entrepreneurial classes, and adult classes for various topics.

If you made it to the end of this letter, thank you for reading. It is so hard summarizing a year. Thank you all for being a part of our history. We are taking this to the top and we want you all to go with us. We hope y’all are ready!

We are, because of you...thank you!!!

The EverButter Family; Bryant, Kummbareh, Clarence, Carter, and Carrington

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