6 Regimen Hacks to Keep 4c Hair Thriving!

Kinky curly to just kinky with no curl may experience different kind of issues that others may not have to deal with.  I was talking with someone and they mentioned that they were having issues with hair fall out due to her 4c hair. And that is how this tip came about.

You should know that your hair is the most finest out of everyone's. Meaning that the hair strand itself is thin. Having such a thin hair strand is the reason why you may have a zigzag wave pattern or no pattern at all. Caring for it may be difficult, if you don’t know the proper way.

Your hair strand is very delicate, which means you may have to put a little more care into it. It doesn't mean more time but the things you do must be specific to your hair. Otherwise you may experience hair fall out, split ends, tangles and dryness.

Your hair appears as if it is super thick, but it is not. If you were to flat iron your hair, it probably would look really thin. But it looks thick when in its natural state because the hair tangles within itself, giving a voluminous look.

Let’s get into how you should care for it on a regular. Nothing major but some much needed steps so that your hair can be moisturized, tangle free and shed free.

  1. Adding a pre poo, pre treatment -  This product was really developed for your hair type. Pre Treatments help you to detangle before you wash the hair. It provides you with an extra boost of moisture, and just provides an overall health to the hair. Tangles happen when we wash the hair. For one we are swishing back and forth, dismantling our hair, which causes the tangles, and then the shampoo itself can be drying, which dryness causes tangles. And if we just go from dry hair to wet hair, that causes tangles as well. Pre treating the hair before you actually wash will be of great value to you. Our Sweet P Pudding is always a good option. 
  2. Apply Twist to hair when washing. When you pre poo you should have the hair sectioned in four to detangle and twist. You should keep these twist in while shampooing. Each section you can take down to shampoo and then twist back up. This will prevent tangles and allow the moisture to stay in.
  3. Co washing - This is another thing that was developed specifically for you. Since your hair is fragile, co washing is a little less harsh and provide a lot of conditioning and softness to the hair. You may be able to get away with Co-Washing 3 times out of the month and just shampooing the hair once a month. Our Divine Elegance Co Wash is great for this because it still cleanses the scalp and hair. We add a homemade soap to it so that you can still get that clean.
  4. Applying a deep conditioner with protein in it. Since your hair is very thin you must always use protein so that it will not snap easily. Your deep conditioners and styling products should provide some kind of strength and elasticity to it. Both our Coconut Cream Pie and Honey Dew can work for this.
  5. Protein Treatments and Oil Treatments. You should perform this at least twice a month to make sure your hair is moisturized and have enough protein. You can ensure this by doing these treatments. This helps to make sure your moisture to protein balance is balanced. Remember protein allows the moisture to bond to it, so if you don’t have protein you will probably always have moisture lost. A great product to for this is our Sweet Velvet Elixir. This is a 2-1, it is both a protein and oil treatment. You knock it out at the same time. Bonus is that you can use this daily as a moisturizer.
  6. Maintenance twist. This is so critical to you. With your hair being easily tangled it is a must that you remoisturize and twist at night. Sometimes it is a drag to do this every night. But even if you just apply four twist for your maintenance that is fine. Just be sure to do this at night.

These are our top 6 recommendations for those with 4c type hair. Applying these to your regimen will really help in moisture, elasticity and overall health of the hair.


EverButter LLC
August 21, 2018 at 14:55

Hi LaDonna!
The meds will definitely contribute to hair loss and stunted hair growth. Which means taking care of your hair and putting good things in your body is that much more important. The products mentioned will get you on your way!! :)

LaDonna Andrews
August 21, 2018 at 12:30

I definitely have 4c hair!!

LaDonna Andrews
August 21, 2018 at 12:29

Thank you for this I need coconut creme pie and the first two products you mentioned especially the protein because my hair is very thin and has not real curl. It has been thinking because of meds. I need help!

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