Easy Hair Care Steps for Boys

Boys hair care is a must these days since our boys are growing their hair out. In the summer you can let it be, but you definitely want it to look good for school.

Getting enough moisture in their hair to last a week is the name of the game for them. Since boys are very low to no maintenance their hair care routine is non existent, especially if they are between the ages of 8-12.

They aren’t too concerned with girls yet and so they don’t care how their hair looks. Well, mine doesn’t. He is in 6th grade and he knows he wants it to look good but he has no desire to do the proper steps. He always says he wants his hair to be curly like mine and I tell him you just have to keep it moisturized. That is when he exits...lol

But, I have figured out a way to keep his hair looking decent for the entire week.

He moved with his dad this school year. His dad was bugging me about him coming to live with him, and my son wanted to have a different experience. I obliged because the district his dad lives in has very good schools, and my son needs to be challenged.

Anyway, since he comes to me now over the weekend, I had to figure out how I can make sure his hair does not look like bed hair at school. He doesn't want to wear a du-rag and I don’t push it. When he was with me I would get up every morning and moisturize and finger coil it, but since I can’t do that and his hair has grown out a bit, I found a way.

Here are the steps I perform every weekend;

  1. Pre treat his hair. By the end of the week his hair is super tangled. If I go straight to wash it will make detangling with the deep conditioner a nightmare. And he is tender head. So Pre treating it to detangle is a must. Plus, it does provide a little more moisture which he needs since it needs to last for the whole week.
  2. Cleanse with Morning Joy or Divine Elegance. I go every other with these 2. The Divine Elegance really works well with shorter hair. And it really helps making his hair moisturized. Since he is coming into his man hood (puberty) he is starting to sweat more, and so I do need to clean his scalp with a cleanser at least twice a month.
  3. Deep Condition. I love the Honey Dew for his hair. His hair is towards the lighter side, and 4c, which, if you all remember I told you that naturally light hair tends to be drier, which means it needs more moisture. The Honey Dew does it for his hair. I actually put a plastic cap on his hair and leave on for only 10 minutes and then rinse.
  4. Apply Leave in and Sealer. I use the Sweet-P Pudding for the leave in and the Genesis Butter to seal. I really pack both of these on. I am very generous because again, it needs to last the whole week.
  5. Braid. I braid or flat twist his hair, one, so that the moisture can really absorb in and for two so his hair is really curly and defined when he takes them out come Monday for school. His hair is really long that first day he takes the braids out because it has stretched but after  2 days it shrinks.
  6. Lovely Curl Spray. I sent him with the Lovely Curl Spray, this comes in so handy for lazy boys. I tell him to spray it in the morning and just rub it through to liven it back up and to get rid of bed hair. And it really works for him. He can spray and rub. Asking him to do anything extra will not happen.

For those boys whose hair isn’t quite long enough to braid or twist, finger coil it. That is what I did before his hair grew. I finger coil just the tip of the hair really tight. Then come Monday all you would have to do is spray it and unravel the coil and the hair is super defined at the ends but has a lot of volume at the root. I actually will still do that if we are going out and I want his hair to have that certain look.


This is it yall! It is pretty simple and it keeps you from having to do much to his hair throughout the week, which is great! Early mornings are the worst to try and get yourself and kids hair together.

Hope you have an amazing Tuesday!


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