How Your Liver Affects the Health of Your Hair

Health is something we must start talking about more. People die due to lack of knowledge...literally. My husband and I was having a discussion about health. And the thing about it is that no one talks about it unless someone is on their way to the grave. Someone falls ill and then that is when health is talked about. Unfortunately, this talk is not about how could I have prevented this, but how can the doctor save me. And this is the pattern that we fall in year after year, decade after decade and generation after generation. We don’t ever learn from each other but keep repeating the past.

I was reading a book called, “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill. This is not a health book, but even he discusses that health is the most important thing that we can learn and yet no one ever mentions it unless one is going into the health field, and even then, health is only discussed in the perspective of how to treat and not how to prevent.

My goal is to talk about it and at least introduce the topic to make people aware. I love hair and health, and so this is my way in, through hair. Allowing all of us to love more through our hair. We can’t love fully when we are diseased in the body.

I would like to give a brief talk about the liver and ways we can help our liver.

The liver is the 2nd largest organ. Our skin is number 1. Our liver has over 500 functions. These functions help to keep our body in homeostasis. When our liver is toxic we will experience dis-ease. When 1 organ does not work properly, you should automatically know that your other organs are not running properly. They all need each other. You can’t focus on healing one and not heal the other.

The main function of the liver is to deliver the proper amounts of nutrients and energy to the right places in the body. The liver is a detoxifier. And so when it is toxic, toxicity begins in the body and the kidney’s becomes affected immediately.

To see signs of a toxic liver, you may have hair issues in the back of your head, your hair may be severely greasy or you may experience hair loss, vertical lines between the eyebrows, dark circles under the eyes, vertical ridges on the fingernail, depression, acne, hormonal problems, digestion issues, cancer, and the list can go on.  

Foods that contribute to liver toxicity are as follows: animal protein, unfermented soy, greasy foods, milk, processed foods, alcohol.

Ways in which we can begin to clean out our liver is changing our diet to a whole foods diet. Or, eating more whole foods than you do any other substance. Specific foods that help to clean the liver are as follows: (Dandelion root, watercress, arugula) these are the bitter greens, milk thistle herb, goldenseal,  cucumbers, apples, radishes, lemons, papaya, and lots of sunlight without the protection of sunscreen. Sunscreen actually causes skin disease and cancer, but that’s another topic for a different day.

Peace and Blessings


EverButter LLC
July 31, 2018 at 20:35

Thanks so much Roslyn!! I am glad you enjoyed it and hope you enjoy the book!!

July 31, 2018 at 18:19

Wow! I’m learning a lot I just downloaded your book can’t wait to read and learn more. Thank you!!

EverButter LLC
July 31, 2018 at 13:59

Hey Colette!

We are so glad you enjoyed it!! I will definitely be talking about sunscreen soon. Probably in the next post. I am due to write about that.

Thanks for reading!

July 31, 2018 at 11:10

I liked this article a lot! I have acne and am trying everything I know to get rid of it. I know liver health is key. I don’t eat meat but may be guilty of having processed foods. (Esp. fried chips)

I do use a moisturiser / sunscreen with spf 30 and would love to hear what you have to say on that topic.

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