Living Your Best Life!

I was reading a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He does research on the brain and how it functions. He said by the time a person turns 35, they are on auto-pilot, they have a rehearsed memory. How they react to things, their personality traits, habits, their likes and dislikes..etc, all comes from  how they were raised and the environment they were in. So basically, we become a robot, we go about life not thinking, but just doing. We essentially are not living out who we are, but the practices and things we were taught.  We don’t live life but life lives us.

When I read this, I had to sit back for a minute and think about it. And after I thought about it, I had to completely agree. At the age of 25 I kind of realized this. It was after I got married. In this time I asked myself a simple question, who am I? And the answer that I received back was over the course of several years. I began to realize who I was, and then realize who I wanted to become. I found out that I was indeed living out the life that was expected, the life that I was told I should live. But that one question changed the course of my thoughts, my habits, and eventually how I viewed life.

It’s funny that I am reading this book now, because I have this certain person in my life, that has pretty much been the same. Anytime I have a disagreement with them or I do something that doesn’t line up to how they think I should behave, they begin to immediately throw blame and accusation. Which always seems to lead us to arguing, and having this big fall out.

This fall out happened recently, but this time I actually noticed this pattern and behavior. Although I did get upset, I recognized it, which is the first step to growth. I realized that this person seems to always take us back to the past. They like to live in the past. And we can’t ever talk about the topic at hand, we always seem to go down the road of the past.

This would be fine if I didn’t mind, but I don’t want to do this dance anymore. I want to live NOW, working my way towards the future. I realized that I have to end this relationship, because now, I understand that anyone who does not serve me and pushes me to be more and better is someone who cannot go on this journey with me. They will ultimately stagnate me. And although it is hard to let go of this relationship, it is something that is needed for growth.

I say all of this because I want us to all become mindful of the robotic habits we have. Today I want to challenge you. Begin doing one thing different. For instance, if you always check your phone first thing in the morning, maybe meditate instead. If you have lunch everyday at noon, maybe have it at 1, etc, etc. What this will do is get you out of your normal routine, and when you do this you slowly get out of your body’s brain and into consciousness (the real you). And life will start to produce new things for you.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Be blessed, be happy!



EverButter LLC
September 24, 2018 at 13:24

Hi Erica!

You most certainly will! It is all about baby steps. I always say Kemet wasn’t built in a day. So we must take it day by day.

Erica Simmons
September 24, 2018 at 10:35

There’s so much true to all of this. The hardest thing, like you said, is recognizing the negativity and cutting that person out of your life. But it has to be done. Hopefully I will get there soon

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