The Sun Makes Your Hair Grow!

When you go out, be sure to cover up!! I have never been on this bandwagon theory. I never believed that the sun was harmful in any kind of way. Our parents didn’t raise us to put sunscreen on or even to fear the sun. And so I never wore it. I didn’t even think twice about it until that dreadful time in my adult life I started to experience acne.

Once I had acne, everywhere I turned, they were saying to make sure you put on sunscreen because the sun makes your scars get even darker, and the sun causes you to age prematurely. In my head, I was like, I don’t believe you because if it wasn’t for the sun we would not have life here on earth. But then, my superficial side came in and said, you are not cute with these dark marks and so you need to listen. And so, I listened.

Everytime I put it on, I hated it. I felt like I wasn't getting the suns goodness, because I was wearing a mask. And to be honest, the sunscreen didn't work. My marks got worse because my acne would not go away. That was the real issue.

I stopped wearing sunscreen after a while because I just didn’t like it. But I still had acne. Years later when I dove into the whole healthy hair, healthy body idea, did I realize that my woes was due to the toxicity of my body.

That is why I started having acne in my adult life. My eating habits all of a sudden didn't change in my adult life. I ate the same. So why, all of a sudden did I start having acne? I had acne because everything I was putting into my body in the early years and continued to put in my body started to show its face. And it was ugly.

Here is me, the top  2 are more recent and the bottom 2 are not the full extent of my acne issues, this was towards the time I was attempting to change my lifestyle. A picture is worth a thousand words. And I never add filters to my pictures, so these are filter free. I still have a ways to go to be where I want to be with my skin, but I can noticeably see a change.


Note, that things just don’t happen out of the blue. Your body gives you time to clean it up. We don't listen and boom, “all of a sudden” we get acne, allergies, cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes..etc etc.

When I began my clean life lifestyle, that is when I started to see changes. Now that I am detoxing my whole body, I am starting to see major changes in my hair, skin and body.

I do everything they say don’t do to my skin. I wash with jojoba oil night and day. I only wash with our Pure Love face Cleanser once a week. And I moisturize with jojoba oil as well. And that is my routine. I don’t wear sunscreen, I actually make sure to go out everyday and sit in the sun for at least an hour. And I certainly don't wear makeup anymore because makeup causes acne. Makeup actually expands your pores causing more dirt, debris and nasty toxins from the makeup to get in, which causes more acne.

Here are some things you should note about the sun:

  • It sustains all life on earth
  • Controls germs, mites, molds, bacteria and viruses on the body.  
  • Disease inhibitor
  • Is weight control (helps to keep body fat off)
  • UV light helps to boost melatonin, which helps with our mood and biological rhythms.
  • Lack of sun can cause skin cancer and other forms of cancer

This is just some of the things that our Sun can do. When you try to protect yourself from it, it can cause even more damage. Using Sunscreens that blocks UVA can cause DNA damage, and can cause acne. Not only that, but certain foods can cause the sun to irritate you even more. These foods are generally the processed and junk foods. The consumption of unsaturated fats is linked to skin aging and sensitivity to UV light. Consuming these oils on a regular and then having exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer.

To read more about the sun, there is a great book called “Heal Yourself With Sunlight” by Andrea Moritz.

Listen y’all. I am not a doctor, or have a degree in medicine. I am just an avid reader and learner, and then I experience these things first hand to really be able to say, yeah, that is definitely true. So please, don’t take my word for anything I say, research it and see if it makes sense for you, because maybe it doesn’t. But most likely, it will.

We have been programmed to fear everything that is natural and to embrace everything that is not natural. Let’s start to embrace nature, which in turn is embracing ourselves because we are nature in it of itself.

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Peace and Blessings

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