Pre and post protective style...

Are you a protective style kind of person? I am not but I am going to try it out and see how I like it. I tend to go for low maintenance styles that I can achieve myself without the use of weave. Therefore pre and post regimen is not as a priority because I am only keeping in a style for 5-6 days at a time and I am not adding the extra strain of something being weaved into my hair. 

Pre and post protective style regimens are really useful when you are getting styles that you will keep in for 4-6 weeks and you are adding hair to your own, be it, braids or sew in of some sort. Prepping your hair before is useful because you are making sure your hair and scalp are strong. Adding hair and the styling of the hair does cause tension. And then after the protective style, you are making sure you minimize as much shedding and also making sure you revitalize your scalp and hair. Why? We shed 50-100 strands a day, and aside from that, there are the environmental stresses that our hair encounters; pollution, dust, dirt... and if we are taking care of our hair while being in the protective style there’s the product build up. Having all of this over the course of 4-6 weeks leaves your hair weak because you have not washed, moisturized or combed; the shedded hair will be mixed in with the rest of the hair and can and will cause good hair to come out if not tended to properly. So although it may seem like a long process, it is needed. Here are some tips to get you started and ended in the right direction:

Pre - 

1. Optional - Hot oil treatment. This gives your hair and scalp optimal moisture. Spritz hair with water before wash and apply oil. (Spring sensation by EverButter is wonderful for hot oil treatments)
2. Clarify scalp and hair. Use a good natural clarifier for your hair, be it shampoo or Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. 
3. Deep condition hair, preferably, one with protein. The protein is what strengthens the hair. (Coconut Creme Pie by EverButter is a great Deep Conditioner)
4. Perform L.O.C method. This will ensure that your hair is very moisturized.

Post - 
1. If possible apply Extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to braids for the takedown. Apply to braids and let sit for about 5 minutes and then proceed to take down. (This helps reduce the tangles.)
2. Apply pre-treatment once hair is fully down. The pre-treatment tends to the scalp and hair immediately. When you go directly to shampoo, the tangles become even worse and hair that should not come out, will. Spray hair lightly with water and apply pre-treatment. (Sweet-P pudding by EverButter is great for the scalp and hair and will minimize shedding, and strengthen the hair and scalp)
3. Clarify hair once again, it removes all dirt and buildup and makes sure hair and scalp are back at proper pH level.
4. Deep condition. This brings moisture back to the hair.

*Note - a mild shampoo can be used after clarifying.

These are a couple of tips to help you get started and finish. Hope this helps make the transition from protective styling to normal hair easier. 
Happy Autumn! Enjoy it, it’s beautiful out there!


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