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                High Porosity

                High Porosity hair is when is your hair shaft if constantly raised and allows moisture to easily get into your hair but moisture also leaves your hair very quickly.  If you have high porosity hair you would have experienced moisturizing your hair in the morning and it felt great, then shortly after it feels dry as a bone.  High porosity hair has a difficult time holding on the moisture.  The products in this collection are all very good a helping your hair retain the moisture you apply.

                EverButter Genesis Butter

                Great for adding shine, sealing in moisture, and protecting from heat & sun damage.Genesis was created with the mindset of thick butter. We mixed together some of the best oils and butters so that your hair can get the most out of it. No water is added which means that you get all of its richness. But since no water...

                Buttermint Smoothie Moisturizing Creme

                Provides moisture, thickens, and strengthens hair while preventing breakage.Buttermint Smoothie moisturizer is superb when it comes to quenching the thirst of your hair. If following a proper regimen the Buttermint smoothie will be a great piece to finish your hair off. The locking capability with the added nutritive benefits will leave your hair and skin feeling divine. It is also a...

                Honey Dew Hydrator - Deep Conditioning Masque

                Deep Conditioning Masque that, rejuvenates, and hydrates lifeless, dull, dry, brittle hair. Conditions and restores hair by preventing hair loss split ends and depleted tresses. This ultra-rich treatment masque will not only help restore thirsty curls but will aid in healing damaged and over processed scalp and hair. With the decadent Brazilian butter, Ucuuba, paired with rose-hip and wheat germ, your...

                Chocolate Soufflé Leave-In Conditioner

                Prevents hair loss, aids in alleviating dry brittle hair, gives hair strength, shine, and smoothes frazzled hair.Chocolate Souffle is a decadent creamy moisturizing leave in. With combining cupuacu butter and flax seed gel this powerful combination will make sure your hair is strong, moisturized and shiny. It flattens the hair cuticle which will help with smoothness and shine. Chocolate Soufflé comes in a...

                Coconut Cream Pie Conditioner

                Prevents dry split ends, penetrates the hair follicle to help moisturize and strengthenEverButter Coconut Cream Pie is an all natural conditioner that is designed to give your hair moisture while smoothing and softening the hair cuticle and providing shine. It helps to smooth the cuticle layer helping to give the hair a nice healthy shine and bounce. This conditioner will condition,...

                Sweet-P Pudding - 5 in 1

                Restore, and activate your tresses. Pre-treatment, Deep Conditioner, Leave-in, Styler, and Moisturizer.Sweet-P Pudding is a pre-treatment designed to get your wash day started off right. This treatment helps to prep your hair by strengthening the hair before the long process of washing and styling. This treatment also aids in detangling and loosening dead scalp follicles so that your hair and...

                Creamy Dream Bundle

                Description: The Creamy Dream Bundle pull together two great creme products in EverButter Genesis, and Buttermint Smoothie, a cream that can provide your hair with moisture, a cream that seals that moisture in.  These are a great pairing for a person new to EverButter products because they provide a great introduction to the line.   Ingredients: Genesis - Raw Shea...

                Sweet Velvet Strengthening Mist - Protein Elixir

                Shields the hair from thermal damage; replenish, restore, and repair the hair cuticle and scalp from the inside out, being used for a protein treatment or hot oil treatment.This robust blend of oils with hydrolyzed wheat protein will aid in protecting one's hair from heat damage. This will not only protect but strengthen the outer layer of hair, prevent dryness,...

                Morning Joy Cleanser

                For dry to normal scalp/hairSoftens hair, cleans the scalp, and prevents dry itchy scalpEverButter Morning Joy no-poo cleanser helps to clean your scalp and hair without removing your natural oils. It will open the cuticle layer allowing moisture to enter, helps to activate underactive sebaceous glands all while maintaining proper moisture balance. It is mild enough for you and child. Featured Butter: Mango...