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EverButter Genesis Butter

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Great for adding shine, sealing in moisture, and protecting from heat & sun damage. An excellent sealer for high porosity and Medium Porosity. Must use sparingly on low porosity.

Genesis was created with the mindset of thick butter. We mixed together some of the best oils and butters so that your hair can get the most out of it. No water is added which means that you get all of its richness. But since no water is added it is best when it is applied to damp hair and skin. Genesis Butter will impart softness, shine, and luster without leaving behind residue. 

It will keep moisture in and prevent water loss. It will also add pliability to one's hair, preventing breakage, soothes the dry itchy scalp, defines, softens and stretches coils. Naturally protects hair from sun damage, preventing it from drying out.

Featured Butter: Shea Butter 

Ingredient Highlights:

  • Shea Butter - Helps to relieve scalp irritations. Also creates a protection barrier on hair from environmental effects. Helps to absorb moisture and provide shine, softness and healing.
  • Avocado Oil - Prevents damage at the base of the hair helping the hair follicle to grow in healthy. Reduces dandruff and prevents breakage and damage. Excellent at conditioning the hair strand. 
  • Hemp Seed Oil - Prevents water loss in the hair and adds in moisture. Helps to enhance the growth of the hair due to the fatty acids, by helping to improve blood circulation. Strengthens root of hair and follicle, which prevents hair loss. 

Raw Shea Butter, Raw Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Raw Honey, Lanolin, Hemp Seed Oil, Coco Butter, Beeswax, Lemon Oil, & Rosemary Oil

Raw Shea Butter, Raw Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Raw Honey, Lanolin, Hemp Seed Oil, Coco Butter, Beeswax, Lemon Oil, & Rosemary Oill

What is it used for?

It can be used as a sealer only in your hair care routine since it does not have any form of water in it. It can be used to style, moisturize and seal. Leaving your hair soft supple and shiny.

- Use it for your oil, in the L.O.C method, to seal in moisture.
- Use it at night to perform your maintenance twist after you spritz the hair with a little water, or moisturizing spray.
- Use it to hold your finger coils together if you have recently big chopped, after you applied your styling cream.
- Use it to unravel your twist for added shine.
- Use it in conjunction with our Buttermint Smoothie Moisturizing cream for added moisture.
- Use it directly on ends to prevent split ends, and achieve more growth.

How to use when styling the hair?

When you are performing twist outs, braid outs, or coils your moisturizing creams and butters are your stylers. Our Genesis Butter will give you a very soft, fluffy, shiny defined braid out, twist out and finger coils. Simply spritz the hair with water and our Lovely Curl Moisture Spray and proceed to use this butter for each twist.

How to use daily?

Use it for your maintenance twist every night. First apply water or moisture spray and then use Genesis to seal moisture and twist. Then use it in the morning to untwist the hair to add shine and to keep ends from drying out and breaking off due to rubbage against fabrics.

How to use on wash day?

Allow this Gneiss Butter to be your last step in your wash day regimen to seal in all of the moisture. It can be followed by the Buttermint Smoothie so that you can achieve the softest braid and or twist out, or even roller set.

How to use on Low Porosity?

When having low porosity hair you want to avoid products from sitting on top of the hair strands. Since this is a heavier butter you would want this to be the only cream/styler/sealer you use. And you would want to apply while the hair cuticle is still open. Therefore the best time to apply this is right after your leave in. Apply a very small amount and apply from root to tip. Once applied you want to braid or twist the hair to bind the moisture so as it dries the moisture will enter into the hair strand. Do not use any other moisturizers and or oils once this is applied, it will become too heavy on the hair. You can also use every other day on your maintenance twist at night. Apply water to the hair strand and then apply a about a dime size amount to each section.

How to use on High Porosity?

When having high porosity hair your goal is to keep the moisture in the hair by using a thick butter and or oil to seal after you have moisturized. Well this is the Amazing sealer for you. This is specifically for those tresses that needs ext5ra love. This is a decadent butter oil mixture that addresses damaged hair, that will help to smooth the hair cuticle down providing supreme moisture.

How to use with other products?

Genesis Butter is best paired with Chocolate Souffle, Lovely Curl Moisture Spray, and Buttermint Smoothie. It can be used in the L.O.C or L.C.O method using our Chocolate Souffle or Lovely Curl Spray for the leave in, Genesis Butter for the oil and the Buttermint Smoothie for the cream. Or it can be used only with the Chocolate Souffle, or with the Buttermint Smoothie or just with the Lovely Curl. The options are endless.

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