About Our Company

Are you sick of hair products that dry your hair out? Tired of companies that promise all natural products, only to find out they are not? And are you tired of companies that don't get back to you if you reach out with questions?

Well, you are in luck! EverButter, LLC is an all natural hair care company that is based out of Southfield, Mi, and specifically, develops all-natural products to get and keep your hair moisturized. We use all natural ingredients that you can be proud to use in your hair. Check out our Ingredients page to find out more about what we use in our products. We also love speaking with our customers to help them in their healthy hair journey. We value great customer service and to us, that is being responsive and understanding towards the issues our customers face and working with them to achieve the results they seek. We truly look forward to working with you!


 Our Story 

How EverButter came to was a bit unexpected and very unplanned. If I told you that when we came to was completely by fate and not by plan, would you believe me?

Bryant and I are both engineers, and how we formed this business really goes along with how we are different in our areas and personality. Bryant’s whole career has been about business and efficiency, which is something he loves. He loves solving problems. Then, there is me, a free spirit. My whole career has been in development. I love to create. With these differences, it has allowed us to balance each other as we do. I do all research and development and he does all things business. We are able to work well together because we both know our passions and we stick to what we know.

"Bryant and I are both engineers and how we formed this business really goes along with how we are different in our areas and personality."  

My life has been centered around me finding that perfect job. Once I graduated from college and got my first corporate job, life was good; I felt as if I had made it. But after a year I left that job and went to another, and another and another. This started to be a pattern in my life. While the people around me had jobs for years on out, I could never keep a job more than a year. I always got bored and wanted something new and better. And while I always thought I could find that perfect job, I knew that it wasn't out there, my job that I really wanted was right in front of me, and that was to be home with my 3 beautiful children.  

I started to lose my faith for a minute because 7 years had past and I was still working. My oldest turned 7 December/2013. That is when I really became anxious in being home. I felt as if time was going really fast and I was losing that time with my children. December of 2013 I had no idea that EverButter was about to step up on the scene. How did this happen you may ask?

"I started to lose my faith for a minute because 7 years had past and I was still working. My oldest turned 7 December/2013. That is when I really became anxious in being home."

I would tell you it was in my plan, and that it was divine intervention. It happened back when I was a little girl. I grew up with 5 sisters, and all of them had beautiful heads of hair. One sister, in particular, had long wavy hair. She used to have me do her hair a lot. That is when my love affair with hair began. From there I started doing hair for friends, family, and sometimes even strangers. I kept abreast on the new products out there and always recommended what products that my friends should use. In college, I was known as the hair salon on wheels. I traveled to do people hair, that is how I survived. But once I graduated and started working I soon left my passion. I no longer had time to do what I thought my "hobby" was. Years went by, a lot of them, and then my passion for hair resurrected with the birth of our daughter, only this time it was natural hair that I fell in love with. Her hair brought on a lot of challenges because she suffers from a scalp condition. She has severe dry scalp, and the doctor or hair products was helping the cause. This forced me into researching, and that is when the mixologist came out of me. My first product was a hair butter. I absolutely was tickled pink when I started making this. This brought so much joy and fun into my monotonous life of working. 


So for 3 years, I was mixing up stuff for mere enjoyment and for my daughter. It wasn't until I prayed a prayer. In November I asked God that if he showed me my path that I will walk in it. In December, my sister, the same one who used to make me do her hair when I was young told me to start selling this product I had. I laughed and said nah, I wasn't interested. Well, it was a week before Christmas and I put a picture on Facebook, and it said I am sending a little love to my sisters in Florida. It was some cute little jars that I bought from Michael's and my husband put some cute little labels on them, it was a little pink heart that totally fits my personality. And this one girl ask if I sold it, and from there, is when EverButter became EverButter. January/2014 a week after the new year we launched our site, and from there it has been a whirlwind.

"Years went by, a lot of them and then my passion for hair resurrected with the birth of our daughter, only this time it was natural hair that I fell in love with."

It just so happened that Bryant had already had a business in his name. He already had developed several sites for himself and knew all about the license, patents, trademarks; a whole lot of stuff that I would think is boring. But everything that we needed to jump-start this business was already done because he already had everything. He is a wiz, so our site was up and our incorporation for the company was coming in the mail. So in essence, I made the product and he made it a company.

"So in essence, I made the product and he made it a company."

We had one product online and after a week I was like, "we need more stuff." When I say that whatever is in you will come out, it really does. I never mixed anything together, but butters and oils. I wasn't even in chemical engineering, I was in electrical. But somehow (God), I started making products with recipes, and they were just coming out of me, and they were actually good. And that is exactly how it happened.

I can say that I am now home with my children as happy as I want to be, and that is a good feeling!



 Our Vision 

Help 1 Million Women

Our vision is simple, we want to help 1 million women of color to begin to understand who they are and love themselves through their hair.  Hair is much more than the style, the texture, and the color.  It is our sixth sense and connection to natural elements of the earth and infinite intelligence. 

 Our Mission 

Improve the Health of Your Mind, Body, & Hair







We are a company that feels very strongly about health, not just the health of your hair but also the health of your body because the quality of the things we put in or on our body affects what we see outside our body.   

 We aim to execute our vision by providing the knowledge and information about achieving healthy hair through a healthy body.We will do this by offering the information in the form of seminars, webinars, group coaching, and provide the quality products that will keep your hair moisturized and hydrated.

We believe that if we can help women be confident in taking proper care of their natural hair, they will proceed to teach their daughters, nieces', sisters', mother's, and aunts' to lose the relaxers and perms and have confidence in their naturally beautiful hair to love themselves just the way they are.



Our Values 

Don't Be Another Product On the Shelf

We believe that the hair care industry as a whole is underserving women of color.  Yes, we mean black-owned brands and salons as well.  The industry is either a done for you service where the customers discover nothing about themselves and their hair, making them extremely reliant on their stylist.  Or, women are left in DIY land left confused, frustrated to the sea of products reading label after label on the shelves of Target, Sally Beauty, and Walmart... Good luck if a store rep can help them... They spend their hard earned money week after week with disappointing results. One thing we feel very strongly about is helping guide our customers to first purchase the right products and assisting them with the right process for them to achieve the results they seek.  

EverButter is not another product label on the shelf for our customers to read... we are a company that aims to be part of our customer's success helping them at each step of their natural hair journey.  


Build Relationships, Customer Service is Key

We feel that customer service is very important to our business because we too enjoy great customer service, we enjoy a company that does everything they can genuinely to help us achieve the goals we are after. We want to be that company for our customers. We want every interaction you have with EverButter to be an interaction you smile about.

Don't Be Pushy

One thing we truly value is not pushing our products or service on to people, we like people to have a genuine interest in our brand and what we have to offer. 

Quality Makes the Difference

We are committed to producing quality, all natural products that moisturize and soften your hair. We work continuously on research and development to deliver products that help you achieve the goals you are after, and producing quality content to help you learn how to use the products to achieve various styles. We believe in delivering quality in all parts of our business because if you have a culture of quality, then that will always be expected of EverButter.

Always Be Personable

One thing we love to do is connect with our customers, it makes us happy to talk to them, so as we grow we want to bring people on board that have that same quality; enjoy connecting with our customers.

Continuously Improve

With us being engineers, we love to improve things, if we see a problem or something that can be better, we invest the necessary resources to do that. We will always look for ways to bring more value to our customers.

Creation is greater than Competition

We believe that as humans we were put on this earth to create, solve problems deliver value in any way we can.  We will always look to create before we ever look to compete with the next company on their latest product.  We will always look for creative ways to serve our customers and bring more value to their lives.


Our Team